About the author

Profile 1Hi!

My name is Jimmy Janlén. I’m an Agile Coach. I also call myself a Bureaucracy Therapist, Cultural Acupuncturist, and Visualization Magician: maybe strange and vague titles but they indicate how I view myself.

Throughout the years I’ve worked with many different teams, all struggling to become more effective, create higher impact, deliver with higher quality and to have more fun while doing it. One thing the best teams have had in common is the way they use visualization extensively as a tool for collaboration and communication.

I love visualization! I’ve continuously collected visualization ideas, primarily from Spotify (Stockholm), Plain Vanilla/Quiz Up (Reykjavik) and from my colleagues at Crisp. I also take every opportunity to invent and try out ideas of my own.

I also love small books that are easy to browse and digest, with lots of examples and illustrations. Hence the format of this book.

I hope you enjoy this one and find some of the ideas useful or inspirational!