Example: Days ‘til Demo

Days til demo

The process of getting the book printed and available for online purchase is taking ridiculously long time. To apologize for that, and to thank you for your patience, I’m now going to start publishing examples from the book. One example every day until it’s available for online purchase. Here is apology number 1 🙂

Days ‘til Demo is a simple countdown to the next demo. Its purpose is to raise awareness and to help teams remember to plan and prepare for the demo. And of course to raise the expectations for everyone else.

It simply shows the number of days left until the demo. The last one reads “TODAY at 2pm” (or something similar).

It’s preferably placed in a highly visible place, such as by the coffee machine or next to the toilets. And yes, a manual one like this needs to be manually updated by someone. This could be a good thing since it reminds the team that the day is approaching.

Toolbox for the Agile Coach – Visualization Examples will be available for online purchase on AmazonBokus, Adlibris and on LeanPub. The book also have a page on Facebook. And you can follow me, Jimmy, on Twitter.

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