Example: Dotting


The process of getting the book printed and available for online purchase is taking ridiculously long time. To apologize for that, and to thank you for your patience, I’ve now started publishing examples from the book. One example every day until it’s available for online purchase. Here is apology number 2 🙂

Every day, put a new dot on each task in progress. Put a dot regardless if someone is actively working on it or not. When everything is running smoothly (given that the tasks are broken down enough) no single task should get more than a few dots. If the dots starts building up, you know that something is wrong and that you need to talk about it.

Dotting is a simple and powerful way of revealing problems and bottlenecks. The same principle can be applied for other columns, such as “Waiting for code review”, but instead of dots draw a line or use a different color for the dots.

Toolbox for the Agile Coach – Visualization Examples will be available for online purchase on AmazonBokus, Adlibris and on LeanPub. The book also have a page on Facebook. And you can follow me, Jimmy, on Twitter.

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