Enough is enough! It’s Christmas right?

I can’t wait any longer! On Monday (14th Dec 2015) the book will be released on Leanpub. It’s Christmas times right? 🙂

To celebrate this, here is yet another example: Christmas Tree.

Christmas Tree

Do you have a pile of boring chores to take care of? Do you have a dung pile of smelly bugs to deal with before you can launch? Is it Christmas time?

Buy yourselves a table sized Christmas tree. Head out for shopping over lunch. Disperse. Everyone buys a couple of presents for a few euros each. For instance, it could be a small gift, something silly or some candy. Hang the presents in the tree.

Policy: When you have completed a boring chore or fixed a bug, you are allowed to reward yourself with a present.

Source of inspiration: Mattias Skarin, Crisp

Toolbox for the Agile Coach – Visualization Examples will be available for online purchase on AmazonBokus, Adlibris and on LeanPub. The book also have a page on Facebook. And you can follow me, Jimmy, on Twitter.

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