Example: Daily Goals

Daily Goal

The process of getting the book printed and available for online purchase is taking ridiculously long time. To apologize for that, and to thank you for your patience, I’ve now started publishing examples from the book. One example every day until it’s available for online purchase. Here is apology number 3 🙂

The single most important question to answer during the Daily Stand-up is; what do we need to do today as a team to bring ourselves one step closer to our current goal?

During the Daily Stand-up, if we would define the answer to that question like an achievement we would be proud of – what would that look like? That becomes the team’s goal for that day.

During the next Daily Stand-up we assess if we accomplished our goal. If we did, we put a happy cross on the note. Then we proceed to define a new goal for today. Always define a new Daily Goal. Don’t simply copy yesterday’s goal in the case we didn’t fulfill it. Everyday is a new day and there is always some circumstance that has changed.

Source of inspiration: Sandy Mamoli, Nomad8
More information: http://nomad8.com/daily-stand-up-with-a-goal/

Toolbox for the Agile Coach – Visualization Examples will be available for online purchase on AmazonBokus, Adlibris and on LeanPub. The book also have a page on Facebook. And you can follow me, Jimmy, on Twitter.

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